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My Best Friend Regina; Skulls; Uggs; Peacocks; My Iphone; Make Up; Rock N' Roll; Skelanimals; Pikachu; Spikes; Plushes; Glitter; Cartoons; Tim Burton; Hello Kitty; Tattoos; Ipads; Ugly Dolls; Dried Roses; Fancy Desserts; Monster Energy; Beautiful Foods; Alcohol; Iced Coffee; Love; Lust; Sushi; 90's; Food, Candy, Toys, & Shows; Serial Killers; Victoria's Secret; Cheshire Cat; Diamonds; Pink Things; Sex; Candle Light; Barbie; Stripper Heels; Band T-Shirts; Black Lights; Music; Candy; Rockstar; Angel Wings; Ed Hardy; Starbucks; Studs; Rings; Cherries; Cheetah Print; Zombies; MAC; Morbid Things; Long Nails; Christmas; Leopard Print; 50's Themed Diners; Silver Jewelry; Shot Glasses; South Park; Lace; Leather; Aquariums; Cherry Coke; Horror Flims; Betsey Johnson; Bats; Halloween; Winter; Black Roses; Playboy; Gummy Bears; Taco Bell; Cotton Candy; Brass Knuckles; Concerts; Hustler; Black Clothing; Black And Milds; Money; Piercings; Trashy Lingerie; Fall/Autumn; Gloomy Bear; Jack Skellington; Cherry Flavored Everything; Fried Pickles; Funnel Cake; Roller Coasters; Scrapbooking; Family Guy; Cupcakes; Junk Food; Decoden Phone Cases; Donuts; My Little Pony; Sprinkles; Bubble Tea; Phone Charms; Movies; WASHINGTON REDSKINS; Napping; Kawaii Everything; Candles; NEW YORK KNICKS; Iced Coffee; Disney Movies; Jack & Coke; Fruits; Harley Quinn; Cats; Boobs; Big Bootys; Pumpkin Spice Lattes; Wolves; Graveyards; Día De Muertos; Batman; Aveneged Sevenfold; Buffalo Wings; Reading; Vintage; Dita Von Teese;

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    I sometimes try to explain this show to my friends, but there are just no words
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